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Directions to the Party With Pictures

by Melanie Turner last modified Jan 01, 2011 11:52 PM
Directions with pictures (for those of you who like visuals) showing landmarks from Bangor to your final destination. See if you can spot them along the way.
  1. Take I-95  towards Bangor, ME
  2. 182 A Exit to 395Take EXIT 182A onto  I-395 EAST toward BREWER / BANGOR
  3. Exit 4 on 395 to Rt 15Take EXIT 4 on I-395 onto ME-15 SOUTH
  4. Turn Left onto Rte 15Turn left at the end of the ramp on to ME-15 SOUTH
  5. Follow ME-15 to the coast (about 44 miles) You will pass through the towns of, Brewer, Orrington, Bucksport, Orland, And Blue Hill, and there will be signs for ME-15 the entire way.  Here are some pictures of landmarks along the way.
  6. Over the Bridge!After going over a steep cable bridge, follow ME-15 for 9 more miles.
  7. Left onto Oceanvillie Rd.Turn left on to OCEANVILLE ROAD  (There will be signs at the turn for Old Quarry Ocean Adventures)
  8. Follow OCEANVILLE ROAD about 2 Miles
  9. Entrance to Old Quarry Ocean AdventuresYou will pass the entrance to Old Quarry Ocean Adventures
  10. The bridge on Oceanville RoadView from the bridge on Oceanville RoadThen you will go over a small bridge.
  11. Spruce Hill Farm will be on the left after passing 6 houses after the bridge.
  12. Spruce Hill FarmTurn left on to Spruce Hill Farm Lane and head towards the back of the farm for parking.

Those of you staying at the Old Quarry Camp Ground, please consider leaving your car parked at the camp site, and walking to the farm or car pooling over.  It's about a mile and a half walk.

Online Maps

The Farm is so far out there that the online map databases have no entry for its address.  They do, however, know about Old Quarry Ocean Adventures, which is just down the road, at 130 Settlement Rd, Stonington, ME (map).  If you follow that link, you can use the resulting map (or driving directions), and instead of turning right onto Settlement Road, continue on Oceanville Rd, over a couple small hills, then over a small bridge.  The farm is the 6th driveway on the left after that bridge.

Here's a satellite map showing the proximity of the campground and the farm:

sat camp and farm annotated.png

Here's a closer view, showing the bridge and farm more clearly:

Picture of the Farm from the stars