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Site Log

by Nathaniel W. Turner last modified Jan 02, 2011 09:08 PM
Technical change log for the website

2010-01-01.  Upgrade to Plone 4.0.2.

2006-12-26.  Decreased compression setting for portal_javascripts from "safe-encode" to "safe", because the former appears to not work with the version of Firefox in Ubuntu 6.06 (Firefox 1.5.something).

2006-11-22.  Increased compression settings: for all objects in portal_css it's now "full" and for those in portal_javascripts, "safe-encode".  Also reduced color depth of site logo, and removed redundant css link.  All this together reduced total bandwidth requirement for front page by 116 KB!  Tested new settings in Firefox 2, Opera 9, and Konqueror 3.5.

2006-09-03.  Renamed members folder (from "Members" to "members") according to the Change the title of the Members folder howto.  (Later renamed it to "people".)